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  Free online tool: SAYNUM-XML
Conversion numeric to "numeric in words" in Vietnamese.
Chuyển đổi số để "số viết bằng chữ". 数値をベトナム語文字表記に変換。

This program "SAYNUM-XML" converts numeric to "numeric in words" in Vietnamese returned by xml.

Simply enter the following url in your internet browser.

For example, if you want to convert a numeric "12345.67", replace "YourNumeric" above with your numeric.

Option 1:
If your numeric is formatted by Vietnamese style like 1.234,56 (Decimal symbol is ","),56

vnm=1 is for formatted numeric by Vietnamese/German style.
vnm=0 is for unformatted numeric or formatted numeric by US style.

Option 2:
If you want to get a translation as currency,,234.56

currency=none is for simple translation.
currency=usd is for US dollar.
currency=vnd is for Vietnam dong.